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Suite 36 NYC Saturdays

Suite 36 NYC Saturdays

07 March 2015
Suite 36 NYC Saturdays

Suite 36 NYC Saturdays

28 February 2015
Biggie Brunch at The Chester

Biggie Brunch at The Chester

07 March 2015







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DJ Marty Play 

For the past 5 years DJ Marty Play has performed at some of the hottest clubs in New York City to the West Coast. This New York City born DJ has a exquisite mixing style, seamlessly blending todays hits with party classics. DJ Marty Play is a Open Format DJ this means he can play all genres of music Hip Hop, Pop, Top 40, Electro, Dance, House, R&B, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Freestyle, Latin, Rock and Classics. His skills have landed him residencies in some of New York’s hottest clubs. He has worked alongside with some of the biggest DJ’s in the industry among them are 4AM DJ’s Jus Ske (Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake’s Holy Grail Tour DJ), Sinatra, Price, Dalton, Ani Quinn, Phresh. Skam Artists DJ’s Big Ben (Hot 97), Crooked, Fashen, Ross One. He has also worked alongside New York’s biggest radio DJ’s Camilo (Hot 97) & Suss One (Power 105). 


Specializes as a party DJ…Born in BROOKLYN (FLATBUSH), raised in QUEENS (JACKSON HEIGHTS), lived in THE BRONX and stayed in MANHATTAN. A fan of all genres of music and well cultured. HIPHOP is his passion, music is a constant thought and moving a party crowd is what he can do. LB1 started off watching other DJs from NYC smash parties and shows. At the young age of 11yrs old, he met a few older guys from the neighborhood who were already DJs and exposed him to actual mixing and party rockin. LB1 Idolized DJ GREATS such as JAM MASTER JAY (RIP), DJ JAZZY JEFF, KID CAPRI, DJ PREMIER, LIL’ LOUIE VEGA, TONY TOUCH and KENNY DOPE.

DJing classmates birthday parties, school dances and neighborhood parties is how he started off. Collecting vinyl was not only a hobby, but also a lifestyle for LB. Having gone to every hole in the wall record shop, thrift shop, garage sale and peoples garbage throughout the city of NY, all to have that record collection that any DJ would appreciate. Till this day LB still collects vinyl, (SOMETHING ALL DJs SHOULD DO)

Having DJ in night clubs, lounges, catering halls, hospitals, block parties and various peoples homes, LB has made it his business to spin on a weekly basis. Places such as: PAPAGALOS (MYNT), SAPPHIRE LOUNGE, METROPOLIS, REMOTE, MUGSHOTS, BLACK ROCK, AMBER, MONTE LOUNGE, FANTASIA (PURE), STINI-YAMAS, PYRAMIND LOUNGE, METRO, CLUB EXPO, THE LAB, THE WRECK ROOM, NOVO, NUBAR, RIVIERA, RICCARDO’S, LIQUID VIBE (THE BLUE LOUNGE), POLAR LOUNGE, COOPER SQUARE HOTEL, WALDORF ASTORIA, STILL BAR NYC and many more spots. Working with clients such as MT. SINAI HOSP., PORT AUTHORITY and many more. In todays digital age of music, LB is still movin’ party crowds with an awesome mix of all genres of music…HIPHOP, REGGAE, R&B, OL’SKOOLCLASSICS, BREAK-BEATS, FREESTYLE, REGGAETON, UNDERGROUND, HOUSE, DANCE, DISCO, ROCK, ALTERNATIVE, TOP 40…A REAL BUSINESS MAN in this game and pure love for the art-form keeps him going.

Now one half of the DJ TEAM “1200 STYLE” LB1 and partner DJ MARTY PLAY are smashin’ every club, lounge, bar, private event that they have performed at…Nothing but POSITIVE FEEDBACK from the crowd, promoters and spot owners…
1200 STYLE is a movement for these 2 DJs that will be going strong with self-promotion, motivation and love for what they do…
1200 STYLE is currently holding down gigs in MANHATTAN, QUEENS and BROOKLYN, also coming soon on-line radio show…
The name speaks for itself, they rockin’ off 2 turntables…


DJ Marty Play
Tonight we are going have #1oaknyc #LIT 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡 #cominginhot 🔥🔥🔥 @ 1 OAK NYC https://t.co/a6frqNYlFi
DJ Marty Play
Tonight we bringing the HEAT to @1OAKNYC @DJSinatra and myself #scorching 🔥🔥🔥
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